Crazy, Hilarious, Lovely Boy

This guy. Dudes. He is hilarious. The stuff he comes out with is just ridiculous.
The faces are even better.
 So, whole he is at the infuriating stage of three year old independence, I have been extra vigilant at looking for the bright spots, where his brain just churns out the entertaining and bizarre.
This smile is almost as big as the one he gives to Mrs Scott. Mrs Scott lives on our street and works at the boys’ school. She’s about 70, and works at lunchtime. We see her almost everyday, as she’s headed into school and we’re coming out from Sam’s morning session. It used to be that he’d give a shy smile and maybe say hello if he wasn’t too tired or feeling grumpy. Now as soon as he sees her he grins like a maniac and runs to give her a hug, and she loves it. At Christmas we took her a little gift and he ran straight into her house and found a toy, so he’s clearly at ease around her!
The other day we were getting in the car on the way to pick up Rich from the train station, and our next door neighbours were also coming out at the same time. Now, we know them just about enough to say hello and smile and take in packages for them. They have a little girl Ethan’s age who they like to chat to when we’re all out. Anyway, Sam sticks his head out of his still open door while I was putting Henry in and shouts “Excuse me!” at them while they are saying goodbye to a friend. Of course they didn’t respond, assuming he was talking to me. So again, “Excuse me!” This time Chris (the dad) turns around and smiles. “We’re going to get my daddy and then we’re going to get dinner at Ikea! Bye!” then pulled his head back in. This is probably the longest conversation any of us have had with each other.
Later on the way home, Rich and I were talking and he couldn’t hear the nursery rhyme CD. After we laughed about something he did a large huffing sigh and said “Calm down guys!” which is quite clearly a phrase he has plucked from my own mouth.
This kind of thing is a normal sight in our house.
He’s also taken a slight laziness when it comes to stairs. If he’s particularly tired he’ll stand at the bottom and say “Help! it’s too high!” despite having been able to climb the stairs for at least 2 and a half years. The last few days he’s started to mimic things. Then he’ll say “I’m not copying you mummy!” just in case it makes me cross. He cracks me up. Yesterday and today it’s been “excuse me!” as Rich leaves for work as I said it yesterday. And he knows when he’s being funny, the little monkey. And then at dinner time yesterday he was saying “Wowcher!” before every bite.
  He has an absolute adoration of dogs. If he sees one in front of us he will run to catch up with it. It started with just stroking them, and has now progressed to him full on wrapping his arms around their bellies and giving them a hug. We’re trying to teach him to ask first, but he just gets so excited! There’s a fluffy little dog that is sometimes outside school that’s as full of beans as he is, and one day it jumped up at Sam and knocked him on his butt. He thought it was hilarious and now tries to repeat it whenever we see it!
He absolutely adores trains. We went to the train museum in York recently and he nearly exploded with pure joy. There’s not many people who wouldn’t smile at that face, just look at the happiness. Any kind of upset can be solved with trains.
He’s a funny little weirdo, and we all adore him. Besides, I’m pretty sure he gets the weird bits from me!

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