This Is Where We Are – Mother’s Day 2014

My Darling Boys.

Where do I begin? Well, let’s start by saying that I love you with such a fierceness that I’m not entirely sure where it came from. Today you brought me breakfast in bed, and treats galore, and a little pot of tiny daffodils at church, and you were adorable.


Ethan. You are 5, almost six. You are so insanely clever. We had parent’s evening this week and your teacher told us you were a joy to have in the class, and have brilliant reasoning skills. You love to draw and write and now you’re beginning to love to read, and oh, please don’t let that stop. You are so like me that we occasionally have a slight lock of horns, but the advantage is that we often agree against Daddy. You are my gentle soul, my big-hearted boy.

You love pizza and chicken satays, and scotch pancakes. You love superheroes like they’re going out of style. Lego in all it’s forms. Minecraft. Technology. You hate vegetables with the exception of carrots, which are tolerated. You have a wonderful kindness inside of you, you’re usually happy to let Sam choose the movie. You also want other people to share in what you enjoy. When you went to a friend’s birthday party at the cinema, you insisted after that you take Daddy to see the movie, and you’re currently angling to get Sam to see it. You have a crazy giggly laugh, that easily escapes your control and spreads to everyone around you.

You’re not nearly as rough and tumble as you think you are, you’re cautious and careful. You’re skinny as a rake and growing like a weed, and soon you won’t be a little boy at all. Please slow down, it’s going so quickly! You’re my first, and I sometimes worry that my anxiety at not knowing what’s coming transfers to you, as you can be my serious little thinker. There are so many things coming for you that are exciting and a bit scary, but you’ll be ready. You’ll take in on with a leap and a bound and a cuddle from me.


Sam. You are 3 and a half, and a big ball of crazy. You are at nursery school and you love it, so long as you don’t have to do anything you don’t feel like. You are strong and loony, with a grin six miles wide, and a ‘big smile’ that includes crazy eyes and clenched fists and muscles so tensed that you shake. You are absolutely obsessed with Thomas trains, and Thomas in general. You like Ethan to read your Elmer book to you, gingerbread, baking and sausage rolls. You don’t like bedtime and will stall any way you can, and wake early and try to sneak in for a cuddle. You have gorgeous dark brown eyes and my space cadet tendencies.

You absolutely are as rough and tumble as you think you are, and everything must be done at a run. You and Ethan both love the park and you have been scaling the rope ladders on the big slide for ages now, utterly fearless. Cuddles are quick (unless with Daddy) because there is too much to do. You like to hold hands though and quite often while walking home from school you’ll pipe up with “I do love you mummy” out of the blue. You live for fudges and ‘a prize eggs’, people’s ears to rub, and dogs, which you grab round the middle to hug. Especially the fluffy white one that waits outside of school in the afternoon. One day she knocked you down onto your bum and you laughed like a drain. You tear around with the big boys on the playground in the morning and go in without a second glance. You have so many things ahead for you too, and you’ll run straight for it, head first, no fear.


Henry. You are almost 10 months and flying along. You have four teeth and 2 more making trouble for you, everything goes in your mouth. You’ve just mastered crawling and speeding about in your walker destroying ankles everywhere. You eat and eat and eat, though you’re a little picky. You’re stumped by sippy cups and frustrated by naptimes. You’re desperate to walk but totally unable to hold any kind of balance. You have squidgey cheeks and Ethan’s baby curls and clear blue eyes. You are always watching your brothers, ready to bound into action. We just switched you into a forward facing car seat, you’re so excited to see everyone and spend whole journeys chuckling. You love the bath more than life itself, and sit screeching and punching the water and splashing your brothers. When you’re very sleepy, you’ll allow me to hold you close and snuggle up. When you are awake there is no such possibility. You love anyone who will pay you attention, and the only hate you have is for lumpy food.

You’re changing so fast already, you’ve already been out of me longer than you were in. It feels like only yesterday I was rushing (waddling) into the hospital to have you, and that first night we spent there, filled with that special mix of wonder and slight bewilderment known only to a brand new mother.

Who knows what’s ahead for you, there’s so little behind you yet! It’s so wonderful to see little parts of your personality forming and growing, It’s so exciting wondering who you will become.

So there we are, my three musketeers. You’re a force to be reckoned with already. The three of you are hard work, I’m not going to lie. There are times when I’ve been frustrated or muttered under my breath or lost my temper, but there are also many many times where I’ve had fun and laughed and felt so so loved. I couldn’t wish for better boys.

With love, kisses, and cookies,

Mummy x

This post was inspired by Rachel over at Make a Long Story Short, Go check her out 🙂




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2 responses to “This Is Where We Are – Mother’s Day 2014

  1. So beautifully written! You are still my hero for managing three boys without insanity 🙂 Thanks so much for joining it – it was lovely to read.

    Loving the new blog layout too. xx

    • Thank you! It’s so nice to hear a compliment 🙂 Oh the insanity is a regular occurance. Luckily most of the time it’s minimal, and the rest of the time Rich is very understanding! I love that header picture, I want to touch the books. x

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