Just one of those days

IMG_3418Warning: this post contains bodily fluids. There are no pictures though – you’re welcome!

Today was a not so great day. Most parents will tell you that a day with a sick child is not good, and they would of course be right. I was lucky this time, Henry was not well but the biggie smalls were fine and so could go to school. This luck would, however, bite me on the butt.

So the day started at 5:45am. This sounds bad, but is actually not too far a deviation from the norm here. If you are awake at 5:45 and listen really carefully you’ll probably occasionally hear sobbing. That’s the sound of a tired mother. I digress. Henry was wiggling in his cot, but happy. He’s often quite contented to lay in his cot, playing with the bars and blankets. So I uncovered him and put him in our bed (he thrashes noisily in the cot and I was tired). Not 10 seconds later, both Rich and I sit up, eyes wide.

Rich: “Has he pooed?!” Now, this question insinuates that I have previously passed a dirty-butted child to him without his knowledge. I can’t promise that I haven’t done that, I literally am not sure of what has occurred at that beastly hour in the past.

Me: “I didn’t think so, check him.”

Both: “ughh/*gag*/what happened?!

Seriously, the smell was hideous. It was everywhere. Thankfully the speed at which the smell hit us meant none actually got on our bed, but his was baaaad. So we got up and started cleanup, while he literally laughed at us. by 6:15, he was all wiped up and in the bath. By 6:30, both big brothers had jumped in too – why waste a bath? By 7, they were all mostly dressed – Sam was topless due to no clean school shirt. I got the boys breakfast and Rich got ready for work. An early, messy smelly start, but still, the day could improve. I got a load of washing done, windows open and rooms sprayed. The day was salvaged.

Rich came down and said goodbye, hugs and kisses, and off he popped. Everyone was fine, and I went and showered and dressed. By the time I was done it was past 8am and we needed to get ready to go. I realised Henry had not eaten and we had 5 minutes to spare so I headed into the kitchen to feed him when he coughed. I froze a second too soon and he was sick onto the living room carpet. I figured I might as well stay in one place and contain it so I waited it out. When he stopped it was all down him and a bit on me.

This is where I thought that the day is ruined. I changed him and we had NO time left. I wiped myself off (ew but how fab are baby wipes!) threw on a coat, and realised the carpet would have to wait. We left and hurried to school and got there just in time, popped to the shop for more carpet cleaner and stain remover and off home to deal with the carpet and the mountain of laundry, and scrub a mattress.

Here’s where the good parts come – snuggles. Henry was very clingy and tired so I got to have lots of cuddles. Second good part – I didn’t have to cook because I couldn’t, when I put Hen down, he screamed. Third good part – When my kids are ill it turns on a sort of autopilot. I am immediately better organised because there are gross piles of washing to be done and a mattress to clean and no time to do it in. Unfortunately this does not last once they’re better. Rich complimented me on not breaking down when he got home and fourth good part – ordered me chinese food.

The afternoon went mostly ok, then came the school-going-butt-bite. Ethan informed me that he now likes school dinners. How does he know? well he had one today, because when he opened his lunch box, it was empty. How embarrassing is that?! Not only empty, but had yesterday’s lunch wrappers in too. Turns out that our fun morning shake up of the routine meant that Rich forgot to make his lunch, and I forgot to check it before we left. Oh and I also left our front door key in the lock while off on the school run.

Tomorrow we start fresh, I’m requesting well boys (but who still want to snuggle) and an extra parent please. Luckily it’s Thursday so Rich will be at home and I’ll get atleast one of those.


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