First the literal growing – Last night I had a church activity where we planted seeds.

IMG_3434I wasn’t sure whether to go to be honest, I wanted the goods, but I was very tired. I did go (obviously) and I’m so glad I did! I had a great time chatting with friends and planting. There’s just something about growing stuff that is just so satisfying. We’re lucky enough that one of the ladies has an allotment and talked us through step by step. She told us that we should see shoots within 3 weeks, so exciting times! We planted cherry tomatoes, beetroot, peppers, peas, spring onions and an assortment of herbs, so if I manage not to kill anything, in a few months we’ll be eating some great salads!

Now for the figurative growing.

I’ve been swimming for just over a month now, at least twice a week. It’s the one form of exercise that I actually love, and I’ve swam (swum?) just over 10,000 metres, thank you speedo app 🙂 I’ve now got a gym membership that was surprisingly cheap through the council and I can use it at several centres, which might come in handy as my chosen pool is closing for 2 weeks for repairs 😦

And briefly back to the literal growing:


He’ll be six next month! I snapped this picture a few nights ago and on a whim wrote this poem for him. It was late so take off your judging pants before you read it 😉

Slow down
I shout as off you rushto more adventures.
with pirate fights or hero flights
and less and less with me.
I wished for this
I realise with a pang
When early hours brought crying fits
and sniffs of “I need you.”
Just a little bigger. Just a bit.
Then it will be easy (ha!)
So we help to mould you
and we do our best,
only now realising what we were wishing away.
Yet it makes it all the sweeter
When you fold up those grasshopper legs,
climb up on my lap,
and need me again.
Slow down.


The next post is a bit important, I’ve been working on it for a bit. It’s not quite finished, but it will be soon. Intrigue!


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