Easter Holidays week one


We started with a wee trip to A&E for Sam, after clattering into a pillar in Asda. Luckily no stitches and in and out within 30 minutes, but not a great start to the holidays. Then we had Jess, Jonny and Baby Annabella for a couple of days, which was lovely and I lost my big boy toa couple of long minecraft sessions with Uncle Jonny, which he adored as he had someone to talk about it properly to.


Then we had a trip to the Wakefield Museum with Amy and her two. To be honest, ‘Museum’ is a bit too grand a term for it, it was a small exhibit of just a few small rooms in the Library. It worked in our favour though as the children didn’t have a chance to get bored. There was a home room showing a war-time sitting room with a wireless that had peoples’ memories recorded on it which were really interesting.

There was also a facial hair over the years exhibition.



Such fun! I think Henry’s is my favourite. And of course Amy and I we’re just doing it to entertain the kids. Uh huh.

IMG_3467 IMG_3471 IMG_3472

Fun with hats and wigs! Who needs a degree to wear the mortar board 😉


Bit weird as they’re cousins, but I love Ethan’s ears in this, with his skinny little head!

Then at the weekend my parents were up and did an easter egg hunt for the children, which they loved, and we’ve all been in a slight chocolate haze since.


In our house now, 11 chocolate eggs and their assorted sweets, a small box of guylian chocolates (mine), a small bunch of little lindt eggs (Richard’s), and the assorted egg hunt eggs. Not to mention the multipack of white chocolate buttons for Henry, the small assortment Ethan and Sam got from primary at church, and the 5 leftover Kinder eggs from my nursery class as I had fewer children than expected.

We’re all going to get very fat. How was your Easter haul? Are you about to get as fat as us? or were you well behaved and only got one, or even better behaved, got more than one but are rationing it. In which case I salute your willpower!

In other news, Our washing machine appears to have died as I’m writing. We were hoping it would limp on until we moved so that we could buy a washing machine to fit the new kitchen, but alas. I’m going to go survey the damage, but we shall see. It lasted us about 7 and a half years of heavy use, not bad for a secondhand £50 job! Rest in peace old friend, I bitterly mourn your passing 😦


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