A family weekend

IMG_3543This weekend my niece Annabella was blessed. This is kind of like a christening but without the water, The baby is given her name (a formality, it’s not like you can’t name the baby before then!) and a personal blessing, usually from their father. It’s a special event for Mormons, in the same way that a christening would be. We got to see my family too and Jess’ best friend Cathy who I haven’t seen since Jess and Jonny’s wedding as she went off on a mission to Portugal and just got back, it was great to see her as she’s fab and fits in with us joking about and stuff. It was lovely, we had a nice lunch of soup and a ton of dessert, and just some nice quiet family time.

Then on Monday We went with Mum and Dad to Amners Farm, which is a working farm that they open at weekends in the spring for lambing season. The boys LOVED it. Puppies and chicks and lambs and ponies, sheep shearing, a trailer ride and a miniature train. Pics ahoy!

IMG_3551 IMG_3559 IMG_3563 IMG_3568 IMG_3572 IMG_3580 IMG_3574

Sam was ecstatic at all the fluffy things and the train. He nearly spontaneously combusted when he held both the puppy and the chick, but was very nervous about the pony, until it started moving. Ethan was the opposite, couldn’t wait to get on the pony, but was nervous about having the puppy on his lap. He was also less than impressed when a chick did a (thankfully solid) poop on his hand. Speaking of the puppy, they are both even more convinced that we need one now, even in spite of Ethan’s nervousness. To be fair, it was the cutest sleepiest little thing. They were for sale too, luckily we have the old “we can’t have pets in our house” excuse for now. Which is probably a good thing because they were SO cute, it was dangerous. While there we just missed that lamb above being born, but I did get to see it wobbling about trying to stand up, which was adorably funny. Henry was a grumpy guts most of the day as he missed his nap, but then had a bit of a sleep. The farm is fantastic, and not too expensive. We paid £20 for a family ticket, and £1 each for the pony ride and train ride, everything else is included. They have stalls there too with crafts and art, and a nice area you can sit for picnics. There was food for sale too, but I didn’t check it out as we’d brought snacks. My only problem with it is that it’s in Reading!

We later had a yummy barbeque and then faced the trek home, which wasn’t too awful thankfully.

The Big Buzz is fast approaching, and the total keeps growing! I’m so excited, and just a teeny bit nervous 🙂 I’ll try to do a ‘Before’ post next, with some of the questions I’ve been asked, so if you’ve got one, let me know!



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