GoBaldForFelix – Before and FAQ

So, We’ve got about 3 weeks to go until the Big Buzz! Time for the before info. First and foremost, if you’ve not yet read Felix’s story, you can find it here, and my justgiving page here.


This is how long my hair is now, probably the longest I’ve ever had it. It’s pretty much in its natural state, I’ve never used permanent hair dye but it’s got a slight memory of red in it. Since telling people about the shave, I’ve had a fair amount of questions, so we might as well stick them up here, so here we go…

Q: You’re joking. No You’re not!
A: This one was obviously more common before the just giving page went up šŸ˜‰ No really, it’s happening! Similarly I’ve had a couple of “you’ve still got your hair?” comments when seeing people. Three weeks baby!

Q: WHY?!
A: Because of Felix, obviously, but also because of the bravery of his mum Jayne. It usually then extends to…

Q: But why shave your head?!
A: I get it, it’s a little weird. You don’t see many women with shaved heads, and even then very few of them are white. I actually did see one a few weeks ago, and she looked great! It gave me a little hope šŸ˜‰ Mostly, I’m shaving my head because it’s visible. I’m sure if I trained and tried, I could run a 5k or something, but I hate running, and once it’s done it’s sort of done. This way it lasts a little longer. The other reason is that I’ve got long hair, long enough to make a decent wig. I’ve wanted for years to donate it (The hair is going to The Little Princess Trust), but never had enough ‘spare’ to just cut off. A secondary benefit is that Henry has become a hair puller and it’ll be a nice break!

Q: Why now?
A: well, it takes a while to grow it this long. As for why June, we’ve just had a family holiday that I still had hair for, and any pictures from Ethan’s and Henry’s birthdays will have hair. For some reason that felt important, and I settled on June 14th.

Q: Aren’t you scared?
A: Not really, not of being bald anyway. I’m pretty sure it’ll grow back quickly enough that I won’t even have time to get used to it. I’m a little bit nervous that it’ll look weird. I’m pretty nervous that the children, particularly Henry, won’t react well. I’m mostly excited to get it done though, it’s a nightmare to wash and brush and dry on a rushed morning!

Q (sort of): You’re so brave!
A: Not really! It’s just my hair. I’m not particularly girly, I’m not attached to it, and most importantly, I amĀ choosing this. There’s no choice for those who lose hair through treatment, and mine will all go at once, and begin to grow back immediately, without any admissions to hospital or sickness. Plus I get to feel good about it!

Annnd that’s pretty much it. I’m open to new questions if you have them though!


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