We love Wales

Two weeks ago we headed off for our big family holiday, where we go with my Mum and Dad, my sisters Amy and Jess and their families. This year we went to Borth-y-Gest in North Wales, which is a teeny little village outside of Porthmadog. We stayed in two semi-detached 4 bed houses that were so lovely, though they were halfway up a huge hill with no driveway.


The views were gorgeous though.  We were really lucky to get 3 full days on the beach, and the other days were mostly sunny, with one thunderstorm which unfortunately our little clan were caught out in. The first day on the beach we walked down without swimsuits and the boys in normal clothes. Of course that didn’t last…


Sam and Ethan both loved the rock pools that they went exploring with daddy, and Sam waded right in and got soggy shorts. We improvised for a bit, giving him Ethan’s pants (little boxers), but apparently they were all that was holding his shorts up.


Sam however was happy enough splashing around in his t-shirt.

On a slightly less sunny day, Mum, Dad, us and the kids went into Beddgelert. We had a nice stroll around the short main street, then Grandma helped the boys play pooh sticks over the stream, and we walked up to the Grave of Gelert the dog.

IMG_3661 IMG_3671

The story goes that A prince came back from a hunt and his dog runs out to meet him covered in blood. He runs in and sees that his baby’s crib is overturned, blood everywhere. In a rage, he kills the dog. The dog’s dying yelp is answered by a baby’s cry, and on further searching, the prince finds his son, unharmed, next to the body of a huge wolf. The prince was said to never smile again.

As Ethan said, “It’s a very sad story, isn’t it.”

After that we went for ice cream at an award-winning shop (Glaslyns) which was delicious. Sam picked strawberry, and then decided he didn’t want it. I offered him a taste of mine and then mum said “Do you want to swap with mummy?” Yeah thanks mum! She bought me another to make up for it though. As she should have!

A few days later and we were back on the beach. Ethan enlisted Jonny’s help to build a volcano.


Later it turned into a batcave. It was also Henry’s first time at the beach and in the sea.


He wasn’t sure at first! Please excuse his scraped up face – he threw himself out of the pushchair one morning while I was strapping him in, straight into the gravel, poor sausage was a bit battered. He didn’t cry for long :/. It was mostly a graze and has now cleared totally. He liked the sand, and eventually the water too. He’s not too keen on any walking, so it was all slightly disdainful!

IMG_3688 IMG_3696But I don’t want to touch the floor!

I also got to swim in the sea twice. On the first beach day Amy and I swam across to a huge rock. as we got closer, the current started to push us sideways, but we pushed through the freezing water to make it. When we got there, there was a small sign on the rock that said… strong currents around the rock. That really would have been helpful on the beach! Then on the last beach day we swam out in the sea and just swam about for a while. It was fantastic, once you get past the cold. I was so glad I got to do it as I love swimming in the sea. There’s just something about it, it’s so calming and big and open and free.


I think Sam agrees.


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