Six-year-old Ethan

  While we were away Ethan turned six. Six! It’s been six years since I had no children. I wrote a little about the day it changed here, but I didn’t say how much I loved him, as soon as he was here. How immediate it was, and the bewilderment that I felt when I realised he is mine and I am his, and that they’d actually let me take him home and I was a Mother. Here is the story of how at 4 days old he slept all night on his Daddy, who was afraid to wake him.

It’s true what they say, they days are long but the years are short.

This year as we were in Wales he had a shop bought cake and chose this one:IMG_3701IMG_3703

As you can see he was very happy with it! We saw them on our first day in the supermarket but then they were gone again, and he was very anxious that we wouldn’t get one.


That face is so grown up, and everyday he gets longer and leaner. One of his presents was a paperjamz guitar, and he loves it, and rocking out in his pyjamas. It’s best when paired with another of his presents, which was a proper spiderman suit, no padding, complete with hood. I’ll have to get a picture!


He lost another tooth too, which makes three, and three more wobblers. They’re so tiny, they seemed big enough when he got them at 4 months!


My first baby, as he likes to remind me. He’s so kind, and gentle. He loves his brothers with a fierceness that sometimes goes over to fighting, but he will always defend them. He shares well, and loves his friends. He’s a whizz at computer games, especially lego ones and minecraft, but also Portal. He loves Doctor Who, and he’s well on his way to becoming a geek like me, and I still love him as much as that first day, my beautiful first baby.



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