Henry is One

This happened.


We had a quiet day with magic chocolate cake and presents and I only got a tiny bit sad that my baby is getting so huge.

IMG_3784 IMG_3804

Yeah, we bought him a drum. I’m not sure how terribly sensible that was, but he absolutely loves it, and it’s not so irritating I want to pull my own ears off, so success! He also got many cute outfits from aunties, uncles and grandparents. So, milestones. He has six teeth. He crawls ridiculously fast, and sees no need to try to walk. he can pull up onto his tiptoes and reach the sideboards in the kitchen. He climbs the stairs, then when he gets there, goes through and shuts the stair gate. He says Mama, with meaning. He also says Dada less frequently. His main noise is OOOOOOOH with an accompanying ooh face, with big lips. He is king of the duck face. He adores his brothers, who love him right back. He got the blonde curls that Ethan had, and Richard had as a child.


And bathtime is his favourite. Although wotsits are a close second.

I can’t quite believe it. A whole year since he came hurtling into our family, and Sam was insisting he was a hugglemonster. I love him so hard you guys. I’m trying to be happy that he’s at a fun age rather than sad that he’s not little anymore, and it works. And sometimes, when I’m changing his nappy, He pulls up his legs and crosses his ankles, just like he did when he was tiny.

And then I pretend for a second that he still is šŸ™‚



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2 responses to “Henry is One

  1. Ok, that last paragraph made me cry a bit. Teddy’s birthday is in two weeks, and I am trying really hard to be ok with it šŸ™‚ (I am also planning on keeping it VERY low-key, given the work/house move/nursery visits/random chaos filling my days at the min!)

    • I didn’t feel this “My baby!” feeling with the others! I think it’s because I know we’ll not be having another for atleast a few years, and I just want to cling onto him. Low-key is a great plan. We went all out with Ethan’s first birthday party and he had NO clue whatsoever it was even happening. Presents, cake, cuddles, done!

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