A step back

Sorry it’s been a while, We’ve had a bit of a break from routine (the start of summer holidays) and so everything goes out the window, so here’s a step back and look post. In the last month and a half Ethan has been attending Tae Kwon Do classes and loving it!


We’re really hoping it will help improve his coordination. His balance has already come on a fair bit, so fingers crossed! He’s also been doing swimming lessons.


Despite the slight look of terror on his face he is enjoying these too and progressing pretty well. He’s also the kindest big brother ever, today Sam got over emotional and couldn’t even communicate what he wanted, so I sent him to his room to calm down. Ethan went up after him and within seconds he was quiet – Ethan was reading him a book. Right this moment he’s playing patiently with Henry.

He’s lost his three wobbly teeth, one of which got swallowed. He was distraught until I told him it would come out in his poop, then he laughed his head off and wrote a letter to the tooth fairy.


Sam is still a bit mental. He has discovered book, and it is wonderful to go and find him tucked away ‘reading’. This collection of Dr. Seuss books are a favourite. He’s getting very good at reading letters, which is a complete credit to nursery as I’ve shamefully done nothing to do with reading with him.


He (and Ethan) also went on a weeks holiday with Grandma and Grandad Brown and didn’t miss us at all. Grandad taught him war songs and Grandma bought him sausage rolls, so he was in heaven. He loves to sing, and watch movies. The Lego Movie is a firm favourite.


Henry has suddenly shot up, He’s now walking, climbing and speeding about when he crawls. He waves, attempts to speak, and attacks everything with a fierce determination and a smile. He was totally unfazed by me in full Angel garb at Comic Con, laughing in my masked face.


He loves toothbrushes, spoons, and pens, and once he has one in his iron grip he will not let go.

Just a short one today I’m afraid!


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