Brown paper packages tied up with string


I love The Sound of Music. It’s a classic, and which is the most well-known song, if not My Favourite Things?

When you think about the song, you think of the brown paper packages, and the roses, and the crisp apple strudel. That’s the point, you don’t think about the storm crashing around you.

Life with three small, slightly wild boys can most definitely be described as a storm. It’s not terrifying (until there is an eerie silence), but it can be bewildering and sometimes it knocks you on your butt, figuratively and occasionally literally. I’ve decided though, that I need to focus more on the packages and strudel and less on the storm, so here are just a few of my favourite things.


Sam picked this flower for me on a whim, it’s from a garden up the street (he picked before I could stop him) and I love them, with their tiny flash of purple. Also the fact that he picked it totally unprompted.


We have a farm shop near us and they have an animal area. These oddly coloured squirrels are new, and made Henry squeal with delight as they scurried up and down the cage front.

IMG_4718 IMG_4719

Ikea has their Christmas stuff out! We are a very Christmas family. The children have already started Santa lists and we have a canvas up with an ‘Elf’ quote on it because I couldn’t think where to put it without it being damaged, so I just left it on the wall. We bought three kinds of new tree decorations (we normally get a new one each year but got a bit excited) and two of their little reindeer. This year they had them in red and white/grey wool. They also had large ones that Sam kept riding.


We went for a walk on Sunday afternoon. Sam hid in a recess in a wall. He refused to acknowledge that we could see him when his eyes were closed. So much so in fact that it took a lot of cajoling to get him to continue, little nutter 🙂


Also with their Christmas lights out, B&Q. And I thank you, B&Q, for saving my bacon and waking up my snoozy boy enough so he didn’t fall asleep on the way home right before school run time.


This tomato, which Sam ran inside to tell me about when I had let him pick the ripe ones. “MUMMY!!!! It’s a Butt-tomato!”


This school photo. Oh school photographers, you do amuse me. First of all, my children are not some kind of boy band, or the cover of a comedy film. Ethan seems to be having a brilliant time though. All the individual photos were taken at a jaunty angle too, with their head in a corner. What are you thinking, school photographers? I’m yet to buy one, as even for the comedy factor, I’m not paying your prices.


And finally, this one. He’s a book lover you guys. Another one! I’m so pleased, they all love books. Henry is still at the enjoying the page turning and occasional pointing stage obviously, but this one captured him. It was Ethan’s school reading book, about Mrs Mog and her 26 cats. That was possible the pull for him, he loves cats and dogs.

And there we have it, the most recent favourite things. We’ve had a trying afternoon (Ah Henry, I understand the yearning to feed oneself, but please at least aim for your mouth), and this has distracted me back to the happy things. Now, I’m off to eye up my curtains for three matching pairs of Lederhosen.

Oh Julie Andrews, you have the answer to everything don’t you?



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2 responses to “Brown paper packages tied up with string

  1. Love this! And miss you all so much xxx

  2. This is said in just a real life way, no pretence. But I am slightly biased as this is done by my daughter. Makes I larf! Tim Witts

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